Go Karting – Fun Activities For Kids

Go Karting – Fun Activities For Kids

If your child is a young thrill-seeker, there are few better ways to keep him occupied this summer than go karting. Go Kart racing or kart racing is a popular sport among children in United States but throughout Europe as well. It can be perform  indoor or outdoor regardless of the weather conditions. Some would require minimum age or minimum height.

Many of the Formula One racers you see competing today started their training on go karts. If your child is shows some serious interest in go karting, you could send him to class for training or purchase your own go kart.



Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Go kart racing is often used as a stepping stone to the faster and more costly ranks of car racing where lots of professional racers got started.

Kart Racing

Kart racing is a regulated sport and enables kids or adults 8 years old or older to race. As young children improve their abilities in a safe and regulated environment. As they become more experienced , they are able to move up to faster motor racing .

Go Karting Lessons

In addition to the numerous racing leagues, go karting lessons are provided for drivers as young as 7 years old. These courses can be continuous through the age of 16 where children can achieve senior standing. This can be an easy place for kids to get involved in racing go karts in a safe and fun environment.

Go Kart Racing

One can find many different types of go cart racing such as sprint, speedway, and endurance, also known as Enduro.

Endurance racing  or Enduro

Endurance racing is a form of  motor sport racing to test the endurance of participants.
Endurance races can be run either to cover a set distance in laps as quickly as possible, or to cover as much distance as possible over a preset amount of time.
Teams of multiple drivers attempt to cover a large distance in a single event, with participants given a break with the ability to change during the race. Team can consists two or four participants per event. This is dependent on the driver’s endurance abilities , length of race or even the rules of the event.

One can cover a distance of 1000 kilometers or 620mi or estimated six hours. Longer races can run for 1000 miles or 1600km, some may be 12 hours or even 24 hours.

Speedway Races

Speedway races take place on oval courses involving only left turns and no right turns. The difference is the size of the race course, where the go cart race course is a lot shorter, normally between 1/6 of a mile and one quarter of a mile in distance. The to cart courses are typically asphalt or clay and have a couple of straights and 4 left-handed turns.

Speedway Race Tracks

Some speedway race tracks will not be oval, but can be triangular-shaped or another contour. Occasionally, the race course can be dirt, which provides some awfully thrilling racing.
A special kart frame was manufactured to use on all-left-turn race tracks that improve the handling of the go cart. Nonetheless, employing these “dirt course” go cart frames won’t be great whenever used in other styles of racing such as sprint racing.
Speedway races will typically employ heat races to determine which drivers race in the final event. The qualifying heats are normally just a few laps in length and the championship race being as long as twenty laps in length.

For shorter-duration go kart races a single driver for a racing go cart may be all that’s required.

Sprint Race

Sprint races take place on small race courses that have both right and left turns. The go kart tracks ordinarily differ in distance from 1/4 of a mile to one mile.
A standard sprint race will consist of preliminary qualification go kart races, also called heats, that are only a handful of laps in length. The top several finishers of each qualifying race are advanced to the final race where the eventual winner will emerge.

Go Kart
is a 4 wheeled small racing “cars”. Racing karts are built for speed. Go Karting usually take place on stylised and small circuits. These four wheel drive have features which make perfect for off road driving.  Larger tires ensure proper traction and clearance. The better traction make them safer for advserse weather condition.It is also
a safety measures in the event of accidents.

Racing is seemed to be the most cost effective way to go go karting. Anybody can performed with majority of circuits with proper training briefing, safety measures taken and proper protective clothing being worn.

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